Mike Oldfield Take3

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Hi..., welcome to my " Mike Oldfield Take 3 " . I am Takashi , from Japan.
Mike Oldfield had come to Japan only twice. The first time is concert at the Shibuya Koukaidou in May 1982. The second time is the promotion of TB 2 at Shinjuku Tower Records in November 1992.

Here is my collection of Mike. If you have any information , please contact me.
Again , thank you for looking my website :)

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Handmade set of TBII press conference

Handmade set of press conference by Mike Oldfield
on the 24th February of 1993 in Frankfurt for promotion
of TBII strictly limited of 30 exemplars and hand numbered
This number 12
- Signed by Mike Oldfield with golden pencil
- 13 professional black & white photos in size 13cm x 18cm
- A standard audio tape (MC)
Biography of Mike oldfield by Chris Dewey

- Limited edition high resolution colour photos from the book
Certificate number 12 of 25
- Biography to celebrate the 40th anniversary of TB.
- Special limited edition with cards.
- 40th anniversary keyring
Double vinyl LP Mirage

Only 500 copies.

Mike Oldfield LP vinyl bootleg
Live show 20/07/1981 in Viena

Tubular Bells - Ultimate Edition (2009)

Tubular Bells 2009 Super Deluxe Edition
270353-9 England

Signed by Mike Oldfield - Certificate number 415
Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn Ltd Edition

- Deluxe Edition 2CD + DVD Set.
- Back to Black high quality 180 gram vinyl edition.
- Framed cover artwork signed by Mike Oldfield
Hergest Ridge : Certificate number 99 of 250
Ommadawn : Certificate number 98 of 250
Incantations - Ltd Edition (2011)

This item consists of Mike Oldfield's 2LP Incantations
- The original artwork, as it was released in 1978
- Signed by Mike Oldfield
Certificate number 313 of 500

- Deluxe Edition /Promo Box / Mini LP SHM-CD

Platinum / QE2 - 2012 Remaster Limited

- Platinum BLACK VINY / Deluxe Edition / Mini LP SHM-CD
- QE2 BLACK VINYL / Deluxe Edition / Mini LP SHM-CD
- Platinum Promo Box
- Classic Album Selection (Six Album 1973-1980)
- Two Side: Very Best of Mike Oldfield SHM-CD
Five Miles Out / Crises - 2013 Remaster Limited

Certificate number 240 of 500
- Deluxe Edition / Mini LP SHM-CD
- Crises BLACK VINYL / Deluxe Edition / Mini LP SHM-CD
- Crises 30th Anniversary 3CD 2DVD Box Set Edition
- Crises Promo Box
- Strange Days 2013 Japnese Magazine
Man on the Rocks - 2014

Certificate number 397 of 500
- Super Deluxe Edition / Deluxe Edition / SHM-CD
- "THE SINGLES"Limited Edition and Different Cover
Fan Made (This CD Belongs 09)
- Promo Badge by Disk Union

The Killing Fields / Discovery / The 1984 Suite
- 2016 Remaster Limited

- The Killing Fields BLACK VINY /
Deluxe Edition / Mini LP SHM-CD
- Discovery BLACK VINY /
Deluxe Edition / Mini LP SHM-CD
- The 1984 Suite BLACK VINY / Limited edition of Art Print
- Discovery Promo Box

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